Yggdrasil Berry – Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Yggdrasil Berry Item

Yggdrasil Berry memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘A leaf of Yggdrasil which created the world, it has a bewilderingly fresh taste and unexpected effects on the body. It can instantly restore all HP. If used during PVP, the HP Regen will reduce and CD time will be longer’.

Informasi Drop

Didrop olehChance DropLevel MonsterSize MonsterElement Monster
phreeoni Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Phreeoni3.15%65 - MVPLargeNeutral
osiris Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Osiris2.86%73 - MVPMediumUndead
Orc Hero4.83%80 - MVPLargeEarth
Atroce ragnarok mobile eternal love Atroce12.23%84 - MVPLargeShadow
Detarderous Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Detarderous4.08%90 - MVPLargeShadow
chimera Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love ChimeraTidak tersedia95 - MVPLargeFire
Baphomet Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Baphomet4.78%100 - MVPLargeShadow
randgris Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love RandgrisTidak tersedia100 - MVPLargeHoly
Time Holder ragnarok mobile eternal love Time Holder6.65%110 - MVPLargeNeutral
Hatii Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love HatiiTidak tersedia110 - MVPLargeWater
Fire Witch ragnarok mobile eternal love Fire Witch1.09%128 - Mini BossMediumFire
Lv100 Autumn Chest
Supply Chest
First Test Gift Pack
First Test Gift Chest
Lv99 Growth Pack

Item Info

Informasi ItemKeterangan
Dapat dijual ke NPC?Ya
Harga jual NPC200 Zeny
Dapat dilelang?Tidak
Dapat masuk dalam Stash?Tidak

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