Wood Goblin – Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

wood goblin Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Wood Goblin memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘A wise man of Willow, with the natural destructive magic power. An absolute green peace envoy who is gentle and paying great attention to the natural ecology around and showing no mercy to the destroyers. Natural beauty is better than everything!’.

Item Drop Info dan Lokasi Spawn

Drop ItemChanceLokasi Spawn
Wood Goblin Card Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Wood Goblin CardTidak TersediaPayon South Field [untuk level 56 - 60]
Blueeve Cape ragnarok mobile eternal love Blueeve Cape1
alloy-sword ragnarok mobile eternal love Alloy Sword [2]43.7%
Dead Branch ragnarok mobile eternal love Dead Branch35.07%
Scell ragnarok mobile eternal love Scell10.57%
Pearl ragnarok mobile eternal love Pearl5.23%
Elunium Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Elunium2.45%
Transformation Scroll ragnarok mobile eternal love Transformation Scroll (Wood Goblin)2.1%
singing-bird  Singing Bird Blueprint ragnarok mobile eternal love Singing Bird Blueprint0.65%
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 407× Zeny0.19%

Atribut dan Status Monster

Atribut MonsterKeteranganStatus MonsterKeterangan
P. Atk860Agi5
M. Atk430Vit0
P. Def221Int0
M. Def3Dex55
Attack Speed1
Move Speed125

Informasi Monster

Informasi MonsterKeterangan
Level 65
Tipe MonsterMini Boss
Base Exp3.524
Job Exp2.486

Info Card

Wood Goblin Card Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Wood Goblin Card


  • Max SP +20%

Perma buff:

  • M. Atk +12

Tipe: Mini Boss

Slot: Shield

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