Vagabond Wolf – Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

vagabond-wolf Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Vagabond Wolf memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘The leader of the wolves, Inhabiting the depths of the forest or desert. Its biggest hobby is to travel the world alone at will. It’s tough and experienced vicissitudes, it is not easy to take advantage of it’.

Item Drop Info dan Lokasi Spawn

Drop ItemChanceLokasi Spawn
Default Card Item ragnarok mobile eternal love Vagabond Wolf CardTidak TersediaMorroc [untuk level 49 - 55]
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 395x ZenyTidak Tersedia
Claytos Cracking Earth Armor Claytos Cracking Earth Armor1
Staunch Shoes ragnarok mobile eternal love Staunch Shoes1
Metal Bow ragnarok mobile eternal love Metal Bow [2]45.87%
Hard Skin Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Hard Skin22.9%
Awakening Potion Awakening Potion18.55%
Orc Claw ragnarok mobile eternal love Orc Claw7.44%
Oridecon Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Oridecon2.43%
Transformation Scroll ragnarok mobile eternal love Transformation Scroll (Vagabond Wolf)2.08%

Atribut dan Status Monster

Atribut MonsterKeteranganStatus MonsterKeterangan
P. Atk634Agi45
M. Atk317Vit0
P. Def50Int0
M. Def0Dex50
Attack Speed1.4
Move Speed125

Informasi Monster

Informasi MonsterKeterangan
Level 55
Tipe MonsterMini Boss
Base Exp2966
Job Exp2113

Info Card

Vagabond Wolf Card Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Vagabond Wolf Card


  • Str +4
  • Flee rate +5

Perma buff:

  • P. Atk +8

Tipe: Mini Boss

Slot: Garment

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