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Thief Bug

Thief Bug memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘The insects that appear in the dark corners are basically cockroaches. As a veritable monster, it’s very fast and will steal the player’s items. Players who have just changed job should be careful. The result of ignoring it is that you will be surrounded by the brothers it brings’.

Item Drop Info dan Lokasi Spawn

Drop ItemChanceLokasi Spawn
Default Card Item Thief Bug CardTidak TersediaProntera Sewer 2F [untuk level 13 - 17]
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 35x Zeny85.54%Prontera Sewer 1F [untuk level 11 - 14]
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 175x Zeny85.54%
Iron Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Iron5.56%
cutter ragnarok mobile eternal love Cutter [2]0.97%
Transformation Scroll Transformation Scroll (Thief Bug)0.57%

Atribut dan Status Monster

Atribut MonsterKeteranganStatus MonsterKeterangan
P. Atk11Agi0
M. Atk6Vit0
P. Def0Int0
M. Def0Dex0
Attack Speed0.78
Move Speed60

Informasi Monster

Informasi MonsterKeterangan
Level 13
Tipe MonsterNormal
Base Exp112
Job Exp33

Info Card

Thief Bug Card

Thief Bug Card

Efek: Hit +10

Perma buff: P. Atk +2

Tipe: Normal

Slot: Shield

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