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Cruiser Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Cruiser memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘The soldier is made of delicate gears in a surprisingly complex way. Even experts have confirmed that it is not actuated by magic power! Though assembled weapons are toys, it is reported that they can hurt adventurers’.

Item Drop Info dan Lokasi Spawn

Drop ItemChanceLokasi Spawn
Legionnaire Hat 1 Recipe Legionnaire Hat [1] BlueprintTidak TersediaToy Factory 1F [untuk level 108 - 115]
Default Card Item Cruiser CardTidak Tersedia
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 66x Zeny
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 330x Zeny
edelweiss ragnarok mobile eternal love Edelweiss30.72%
Box Wrapper Box Wrapper7.48%
Rough Oridecon Item Rough Oridecon0.71%
Baptized Shoes Baptized Shoes [1] 0.43%
Rough Wind Item Rough Wind0.6%
Transformation Scroll Transformation Scroll (Cruiser)0.02%

Atribut dan Status Monster

Atribut MonsterKeteranganStatus MonsterKeterangan
P. Atk647Agi127
M. Atk157Vit0
P. Def305Int0
M. Def39Dex285
Attack Speed0.65
Move Speed30

Informasi Monster

Informasi MonsterKeterangan
Level 111
Tipe MonsterNormal
Base Exp2.372
Job Exp970

Info Card

Cruiser Card

Cruiser Card

Efek: Critical Damage +7%

+10 serangan critical pada monste Brute

Perma buff: Max HP +48

Tipe: Normal

Slot: Weapon

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