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Atroce ragnarok mobile eternal love

Atroce memiliki deskripsi (dalam bahasa Inggris) dalam game: ‘One of the absolutely strong ones in the wolves. It’s very easygoing usually. It’s obsessed with fighting and becoming the strongest one. It’s looking forward to the emergence of an opponent that matches its fighting power!’.

Item Drop Info dan Lokasi Spawn

Drop ItemChanceLokasi Spawn
Zeny Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 2.100x ZenyTidak tersediaPayon South Field [untuk level 56-60]
Metal Katar ragnarok mobile eternal love Metal Katar [2] Tidak tersedia
Default Card Item Atroce Card Tidak tersedia
Zargon Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love ZargonTidak tersedia
orleans-necklace ragnarok mobile eternal love Orleans Necklace 100%
Bloody Rune Item Bloody Rune59.23%
Elunium Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 6x Elunium
Yggdrasil Berry Item Yggdrasil Berry12.23%
Transformation Scroll Atroce Transformation Scroll 2.44%
Ulle Cap 1 Recipe Ulle's Cap [1] Blueprint 0.37%

Atribut dan Status Monster

Atribut MonsterKeteranganStatus MonsterKeterangan
P. Atk2.324Agi87
M. Atk1.162Vit0
P. Def154Int0
M. Def38Dex89
Attack Speed1.5
Move Speed125

Informasi Monster

Informasi MonsterKeterangan
Level 84
Tipe MonsterMvP
Base Exp29788
Job Exp11984

Info Card

Atroce Card Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Atroce Card

Efek: 5% kemungkinan mendapatkan status Fury (ASPD +20% untuk 10 detik) saat melakukan normal attack.

Perma buff: P. Atk +6

Tipe: MvP

Slot: Weapon

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